With only two days left to go I thought this would be the perfect moment to reflect back upon the last three months at my internship. I was (and technically still am while writing this post) a marketing intern at a gym-chain. As you can probably guess I did mostly creative work, as this is what I enjoy doing the most, but I also dipped my toes in some data research and other projects. And although I did learn a lot of practical work-related things thanks to my lovely colleagues, the biggest lessons are always (in my opinion at least) the ones that add or change your character/point of view. So here are the 3 main things I learned at my internship (OTHER than the projects & tasks I did) that I’ll take with me back to school. Enjoy!

1. I have things to offer even if I’m not perfect (and we all do)

Going into my internship I wouldn’t say I was unsure of my capabilities, but I sure didn’t think I could bring something new or extra to the table. Sure I had learned things at school, but nothing revolutionary. But my internship surprised me. Pretty quickly after settling into my new role as an intern I took on a project (for which I had to do some self-studying and digging into the subject) and before I knew it I had developed a skill that brought something entirely new to the team. 

Besides that I was surprised by how much I could be of help in other areas such as photography, research and graphic design. Not only did this make me realise that I do have something to offer even if I don’t “know it all” or am perfect at a skill, it also made me feel a lot more confident and secure within myself and my ability to learn and improve.

2. Confidence is something that can grow (& of which you have more than you think) 

Speaking of confidence: it’s like a muscle. (see what I did there; I was an intern at a gym hey;) No, but without kidding, confidence is something you can build more off as long as you give it the opportunity to grow. During my internship there were many things I could’ve not brought up, said no to or just not do in general. I could’ve kept the fact that I can work a camera quiet, I could’ve said no to being a ‘swim teacher’ of a little girl with downs syndrome for the new years video campaign and I could’ve just not walked up to strangers to take their picture for Instagram. Because you know what; those things did not come naturally for me. As someone who’s naturally an introvert (and pretty risk-averse) I had to consciously put myself in challenging situations and boy am I happy I did. There is just something about choosing to ignore your irrational fear, perfectionism, shame or introversion and just doing itthat makes you feel amazing and stand taller afterwards. Definitely something I will continue to do.

3. Having a set work & off time is worth planning for

Oh how I have fallen in love with having a bit of a set schedule and routine. This (and bullet journaling) has inspired me to start time blocking in my own life. To-do lists work great for me, but not if I don’t have a set time to tick things off. I usually just end up doing things when I feel like it or am inspired (which, let’s be real, is usually late at night – especially creative work) which creates blurred lines between work and off time. Next week I’ll be going back to school and the real experiment of this way of planning will begin. If anyone is interested, I might do a post on my final method later. 

And of course I have learned waaay more than just these three things, but if I were to list them all we would most likely end up with a way too many bullet points that would instantly make you fall asleep, so I’ll spare you the trouble (and let’s be real: I’m not jumping to write a long list either). Looking back on the last three months I can’t believe how much I have done and how fast time has passed me by. Onto the next adventure!

What are the biggest lessons you learned during an internship or at a job? Let me know in the comments below!