Dear universe,


Did you have a good laugh at our lives this past year? I hope we have entertained you. I still don’t quite understand why you always decide to lead us through a maze of a year, but I can certainly see the entertainment value in it for you. You’ve probably heard that the New Year is coming, which means it’s a time for fresh starts and new beginnings.

I am always, not just around new years, on the edge of starting or improving something, but it is so easy to get distracted again by your maze. Other things have taken over this last year; you know how those things go. You make yourself some new years resolutions and before you even blink an eye the year is already almost over. But you live and you learn. Perhaps we should start summarising our year in resolutions instead of starting the year with them. Making them fit our year instead of the other way around. Because if I had set myself the resolutions to take my study course in doubt, to postpone taking up running for another year and to keep overthinking then I’d have majorly succeeded this year. Is it too late to change my resolutions from last year dear universe? Is there a deadline?

I’ve been thinking very thoroughly about this year’s resolutions though, but I somehow always end up with the same overdone couple of goals. It almost seems as if my life is much more creative when it comes to making up resolutions while I’m living than I am at the end of a year. Am I being tricked perhaps? Or do you think that this year will finally be the year where I become more flexible, run a half marathon, wake up at 6 am, meet my true love, be the ultimate friend, learn how to code and start a second study all while maintaining the best diet and self care routine ever? Maybe it’s a bit ambitious, but isn’t that sort of the tradition when it comes to New Years Eve? I wouldn’t want to spoil it by being realistic, taking things slow and making a plan of course. Although I’ve got a gut feeling that I might just have to this time.

I do hope you’ll write me back. Preferable before the end of the first week of 2019, just in case there is indeed a deadline to this whole resolution making thing. And if you like we can be pen pals, but that one is entirely up to you. I’ll make sure not to ask so many questions next time.


Happy new year. Yours sincerely,



Letters to the universe is something that I started doing in my own personal journal a little while ago. Writing letters to a ‘dear diary’ is sooo 2018, am I right;) Every month of 2019, I will publish one of my ‘letters’ on here. Hope you’ll be here for the ride!